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As I looked through tens and thousands of pictures over the years, I noticed that it was me who was missing from every frame, so when my husband asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day…I told him I wanted him to learn how to focus and recompose and he did just that.  My favorite Mother’s Day gift was this session right here.  Me and my two darling little girls all in a frame.  I will have these forever to cherish and that makes me happy.  So thankful for my husband and two beautiful daughters who made me a mother.  That right there is a gift all in itself.  Happy Mother’s Day!



















Every year, Jessica Lake Photography hosts live duckling sessions for Easter and I’ve started taking the girls a couple of years ago to this special event.  This year, they got a chance to experience the ducklings on location instead of the studio and it was adorable.  They handled the ducklings pretty well.  This took all of 10 minutes to shoot, so it was a win-win situation.  I got my pictures and they got to play at the park for a bit after that.  Here are a few of my favorites from this session…










Happy New Year! We cannot believe it is already 2015!  There is never enough time as each year just flies by so fast, so this year I will make time to do some of the things that I’ve always wanted to do that I’ve had on a little list tucked away under all of the things that are urgent, due, etc.  I mean…when will I ever get to it?  When will I ever have time for it?  Never!  So I’ve learned that we will never have enough time, but if it matters you make time especially if it means more time with your family and making more memories.  Here is what 2015 looks like to us so far.  Things are gold!














It’s that time of the year again where we get all dressed up and get all antsy about meeting Santa for some pictures.  Zoë is the one we worry about – whether she would do okay or not.  Last year, we prepped her and pumped her up to see Santa a whole month prior to the visit only for her to clamp up and cry us a river, but this year was a different!  She really did put on her big girl pants and she shocked us all.  She was tight-lipped and trembling while waiting for Santa, but as soon as she was in his presence she managed to pull out some smiles for us.  It wasn’t her best smiles, but we’ll absolutely take it!
























Halloween was a blast!  We always get into Halloween and make sure that at least the kids play their part in having great costumes.  This year, Mya was Maleficent.  We loved that movie so much and Angelina Jolie was such a great villan with an amazing costume that it was hard to pass up for a costume choice.  It came down to the wire with last minute prepping the night before Mya’s Halloween parade at school and even early in the morning before we rushed out the door with pins, needles, hot glue and more.  I even got a major burn from the high temp glue gun on my finger.  Not cool.  The sacrifices we make for our children. *sigh*  We even found some branches from the trees in our backyard to paint and make a staff from complete with a crow on top.  It all came together and once I was done with Mya’s costume, I had an entire day left to make Zoë’s cherry pie costume.  The part that was time consuming was the crust, so that took up a good chunk of the day.  Too bad she wasn’t able to wear it trick-or-treating as the front was top heavy.  She would’ve had to hold it up the entire time.  The ribbons that tie onto her shoulders were also digging into her skin, so it was only good for pictures. :)  I overstuffed it and didn’t realize how heavy it was.  Oh well.  Not to worry though…because there’s a back up costume in line that worked out perfectly.  She made the cutest Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba.  A $5 purchase I made scouring Craigslist.  Score!  There was also a bat costume I couldn’t pass up for $10, so she had that too but we weren’t able to use it that day.  Halloween was well spent as we met up with Jessica, Clif, Roxanne, Olivia and Oliver.  It’s tradition that they go trick-or-treating together especially after doing it for so many years.  Then after, we always stop at Yay-Yay and Papa’s house to show off our costumes.  Papa loves to get out his camera and take pictures of them and Yay-Yay always has special treats for each of the grandkids. We are looking forward to another Halloween as the kids are thinking up costume ideas for next year already, but first let’s anticipate Thanksgiving and Christmas!  We are ready for the holidays!











This year, Mya’s 9th birthday falls on a Sunday.  I love it when that happens.  We get to celebrate her birthday on her birthday which is rare!  This was the first year that we’ve decided to go against a party for a couple of reasons.  Mya didn’t seem to mind it at all as long as she got to spend it with the people she loved and of course we made up for it in other ways. She woke up with confetti-filled balloons all around her bed and a plate of glittered donuts in which she got to blow out her candle on.  No cake either this year, but the alternative worked just perfect.  This girl has been counting down the days for almost a month now and it has been driving us nuts, so we’re glad the day has finally come!  After we sang “Happy Birthday” to her in bed, we had a little photo session that I set up for her.  Then she got to open her gifts!  This was the fun part and we really couldn’t wait to see her face when she sees what we got for her.  First up was the Minecraft game that she has been begging for to play on the PS4.  She’s been playing and obsessing over Minecraft on the iPad and the computer, but wanted one for the game console.  Next up was a cell phone!  Yes….a cell phone!  That was all daddy’s idea.  I wasn’t so sure about it, but it made me feel better to know that there is no internet connection on it. :)  Giving her that phone really puts things into perspective.  It makes us realize how grown she is to have something that only the “big kids” have the privilege of having.  This will be the ultimate test of responsibility.  We’ll see how that works out for her.  Now, the third and last gift is what I personally was waiting on.  The deal was for her to be able to keep her room consistently clean so every now and again she would say, “My room has been clean.  Can I get a hamster now?”  She’s been struggling with it, but has been conscious of it putting effort into making sure things go where they should and maintaining the cleanliness and because of that we think she deserves what she has been wishing for.  As we researched hamsters, we’ve found that they do not have a long lifespan so we opted for a guinea pig instead.  It was a task and took a lot of planning to keep it all under wraps until the day of her birthday.  We’ve had the guinea pig hidden for two whole days in the house until it was time for the reveal.  When it was time for it, we put “Ginny” in a gift box and once Mya opened up the box, she was in complete shock!  We told her that her name was Ginny and that she could change her name if she wanted to and she immediately picked Ginger, so Ginger it is.  I tried to convince her to change it to Pippa, but it didn’t work.  Oh well!  I tried.  Later on in the day, we gathered 7 of her little girlfriends up and took her to Funtopia where they can wall climb, free fall off of a giant slide, jump 2-3 stories off of a ledge and jump onto a velcro wall and more!  These 7-9 year old girls were definitely brave!  Truthfully, I don’t think I would be able to do some of the challenges that they did.  All in all, the day was a success.  Another year, another birthday, another milestone and we are basking in it all.  We are such proud parents to this little girl of ours.  She’s sweet, kind, smart, caring and always  makes us feel like the best parents in the world!  Happy Birthday to our brand new 9 year old…we love you to the moon and all the way back!






Update: It’s wedding season.  We know, because we just attended one last night.  It was a beautiful wedding for a buddy of mine from high school.  We have two more weddings in less than three weeks from now and I’m not sure how we will manage, but we’ll have to.  :)  I love weddings!  Summer has flown by and in less than three short weeks, it will be coming to an end when Mya goes back to school.  4th grade is near and we’ve already started back-to-school shopping with a cool backpack that she can’t stop talking about.  Now we’ll have to find a mommy approved outfit to match for her first day of school.  Daddy usually gets the rest of her back to school gear and of course we can’t forget the list of school supplies that the school needs.  We had Olivia and Jordyn stay the night on Thursday night.  It was an all girls sleepover!  We had a great time as we built a fort for them to sleep in.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to sleep in a fort made of bed sheets and clothespins.  To top it all off, we handed them a couple of flashlights to have some fun with.  Today is Sunday fun day, but we’ll see if we have any time for that as I have lots of work to tend to.  :)


Well, today was a whirlwind of a day starting off with Mya’s last day of 3rd grade. Really bittersweet. I just cannot believe she’ll be in 4th grade in a few short months. 4th grade means she’s closer to 5th grade and 5th grade…well…it just means that she’s closer to 6th grade and after 6th grade comes junior high. A little dramatic…I know, but it will come sooner than later. There’s not enough time in the day to savor it all. Last day of school for 3rd graders means that there is Skills Day where there are stations set up with different activities like a hula hoop station, a bean bag toss, musical chairs, etc. where they can all compete in. Mya of course, was the only girl in her class to win the hula hoop competition lasting longer than the rest of her classmates. She’s been hoola hooping since kindergarten and is a pro at it. Mommy was there to help out during this event. Props to all of the parents who volunteered! We stood there in the sweltering heat for two and a half hours to help all the kids through these stations. Sweat was evident as these kids ran around with it dripping down their foreheads and chins. Yuck! Now I know why they smell so bad after coming home from school everyday. Lol! We had a little break after that until we had to come back to class with a “End of the Year Celebration” party in class. They had ice cream sandwiches and a treat bag filled with goodies. Daddy and Zoe was able to join Mya for this one. School was out at 12:30pm and summer officially started! A sigh of relief is what I had, but I am so sure that I will not be looking forward to the kids being in my hair all day especially when they will be fighting. Kinda glad that we’ve signed Mya up for some camps this summer to break up some of her time. Zoe will also have some classes to attend this summer. Aside from that, I think summer will be a blast! There are so many things that we have planned that we are excited about. We’ll have to write about it later. :) After our morning, we had some time in the afternoon to take Zoe to her first class of the summer. She had an open art class down in Belmont Shore. I was afraid she wouldn’t take to it, but she surprised me as soon as we walked in the door. She hopped off of my hip and walked right on over to the instructor, put her smock on as directed and picked up the paint brush to paint away. Wow! Is this the same little girl that will not get off of my hip ever? She had so much fun crafting her own little crafts and painting her own art piece. I loved it as much as she did! The girl did not want to leave. She almost cried when we left, but I assured her that we would be back really soon. Zoe came home with her very own crafts that she made with her own hands with a little bit of help from mommy. Today was pirate themed, so she crafted up a parrot out of a paper plate, a skull & bones flag and a free paint. After that, she had a few minutes to free play and discover the place. We can’t wait to come back! After we were finished with Zoe’s art class, we headed off to the movies to reward the hardworking 3rd grader soon to be 4th grader with the movie, Maleficent. Angelina Jolie never disappoints. The movie was great and it was the perfect reward for our awesome 3rd grader who ended her year with a bang! 3rd grade was amazing as she had so many milestones and awards. She really surprised us by exceeding our expectations. Even her end of the year report card was awesome! We hope 4th grade will be just as great as 3rd grade was. :) Bring on the sun and fun! Welcome SUMMER!!!

















So we realized Zoë is long overdue for her 2 year well check. Her last well check was at 18 months and she is only now a couple of weeks shy of 3. Fail. Luckily, her immunizations were up to date and she didn’t need any. Her next vaccination will be at 4 years old. We are happy to say that she is in the 50th percentile in height, but is struggling in the weight department. It’s not a surprise as Mya was always the same way. Since there is no such thing as 0 percentile, she’s on the charts in the 1st percentile. :) We make petite kids. What can we say? The visit was completely dramatic as expected. Zoë is scared of every little thing and any little thing, so she cried the entire time without even getting any shots. The little booger even got a lollipop from the nurse. After the whole ordeal, we asked her why she cried and she shrugged her shoulders and said “I dunno why Zoë cry.” Story of our lives.


Mya received a Student of the Month award today at school, so we are in good spirits over here. We’re so proud of her! She just received a science award not too long ago, so she’s doing great this year in 3rd grade. As you could imagine, it’s hard for us to keep up with the rewards around here but daddy does a pretty good job of acknowledging her hard work. He took her to go see Frozen at the movie theater when she got her science award and for Student of the Month, he gave her a few options to choose from. She picked the trampoline park, so we will be going there sometime next week when she is on spring break. Since she loved the movie Frozen so much and it is now out on DVD, he surprised her with that as well. We are lucky to have such a good kid in our hands. We are hoping that she continues to do good in school. Only a few more months left before summer comes around, so getting by the rest of the school year should be a breeze!