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Category Archives: Miss Mommy

The Coolness Factor

I forget sometimes that I’ve had braces…twice so far in my life.  Yes, that’s alot per lifetime!  That’s what happens when you lose your retainer, not once but twice and please believe me when I say it doesn’t help the coolness factor being a freshman in high school with braces…metal braces at that!  I remember the feeling I got when I finally got those darn things off.  I went to school and made it a point not to smile or even bear a grin large enough for anyone to see, because I didn’t want the attention.  Attention in high school = embarrassment.  I had the most crookedest teeth ever and I was convinced it was all in my genes because all of the kids in our family had horrible teeth.  My best friend in junior high had the most beautiful and brightest smile and it was because she had straight teeth.  She was Filipino and used to tell me the reason why she had straight teeth was because in her culture, they believed that rubbing garlic on the babies gums would ensure that their teeth would grow in straight and of course, ’til this day, I believe it. 

I remember one day after school, my friends and I decided that we were going shopping but of course we were hungry.  That’s just what teenagers do.  Hang out.  Shop.  Eat.  Hang out.  Shop.  Eat.  We’re always hungry.  After a round of shopping, we decided to go to Burger King.  We ordered. We sat.  We ate our Whoppers with cheese and no onions.  Chatted.  Laughed.  Chatted.  Burped…out loud.  Cleared our trays and dumped them in the trash can and left the joint.  We then decided to walked across the street when I thought to myself, “My retainers!  Shoot…I think I left my retainers in the trash can.”  I was frantic at that point and yelled,  “I left my retainers on the tray and now it’s in the trash can.  We gotta go back!  My mom is gonna kill me!”  So we went back, all three of my girlfriends and I to try to save “Navy’s retainers”.  I scurried to the register and said, “I think I left my retainers on the tray and now I think it’s in your trash can.  Can I have that bag of trash?”  You should’ve seen the look on the manager’s face!  Got the bag of trash.  Dug and dug through the soiled napkins and through the remnants of burgers and fries, but still…nothing!  “Dude!  It’s not in here!”  Back to the counter I went, “It’s not in there.  Did you guys just take out your trash?”  “Yeah, we may have.  It would be in the dumpster in the back.”  I looked at my friends.  They looked at me and with desperation in my eyes, I stormed to the backside of Burger King and did what I never thought I would do.  It was a sight to see.  Four girls in a dumpster, like scavengers looking for a single treasure.  It was hilarious!  After the hunt and a ton of laughs, we found my retainers.  I will never ever forget that.  It was one of the most memorable high school stories ever!