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Yearly Archives: 2010


Mommy is always late.  Mommy is always last minute….but not this  year!!!! This year…we went a day earlier than the last…lol!  Procrastination gets the best of me and because of that…Mya has to suffer alongside me and stand in a looooooong line every year on Christmas Eve to get her pictures taken with Santa.  Even though we went a day early this year…the line was still ridiculous.  It still didn’t cramp Mya’s style though because she rocked the Santa photo!  😀  Needless to say…we are happy with the outcome!

January 5, 2011 - 12:27 pm Tracy - she is too cute!

January 5, 2011 - 7:10 pm Navy Sou - Thank you, Tracy! Happy New Year!

January 7, 2011 - 12:46 am Patty Aska aka "Yay-Yay" - Where is my santa pic??


It’s the most beautiful time…of…the…yearrrrrr!!!!  We love  Christmas!!!


My Hula Hoop Queen…

…this little girl is the hula hoop champ!  Ever since Gezal bought her a hula hoop from a local fair, she has yet to put it down.  She eventually mastered the hula hoop when she started kindergarten because there are tons of hula hoops there for the kids to practice on.  She surprised us one day when she came home to show us because we didn’t realize she has gotten so good.  So good, she can hula hoop for an eternity…it seems.  Now, she can hula hoop with as many as 3 or 4 hoops at a time.  Mya is so small and petite so it’s almost a funny sight to see when you do see her in action.  Yay-Yay bought a few to keep at her place and when she goes over there, she practices with her also.  Go Mya!!!


Auntie Shelia surprised Daddy and Papa with tickets to go see their favorite football team today…the CHIEFS!!!  They drove all the way to San Diego for the Chargers vs Chiefs game.  We are rootin’ for the Chiefs and we know that they will do well this season!  GO CHIEFS!!!


Happy Halloween!

Here’s Buzz Lightyear, The Owl and Fancy Nancy…



The time has come!  It is Mya’s very first day of Kindergarten!!  She has been counting down the days and it has finally arrived.  I cannot believe she is now a kindergartner and it really is bittersweet.  It’s like we’re giving her away or something…lol!  We are so lucky to have been able to put Mya through Montessori for preschool to prepare her for Kindergarten.  I think it was one of the best things we did for her and I think Kindergarten will be a breeze for her because of the head start.  So, off to school we go!  Backpack…check.  Lunch…check.  Supplies…check.  It was early, but Auntie Shelia wanted to come along for her first day.  Mya’s first day went very well!  Her teacher jumped right in and began instruction by reading a book for the kids.  It was a story about a bear, his first day of school, the jitters he had and how he overcame it.  We were able to hang out for a bit to observe, take pictures and videotape the special day.  Congratulations baby girl on the milestone!  We love you and are proud of the little lady that you have become!  :)


January 9, 2011 - 8:57 pm Auntie Jessica - Oh Mya, you are so gorgeous! xoxo


Koji Truck run….nom nom nom nom!

December 31, 2010 - 5:00 pm Nannette - Damn you Navy! You're not helping w/my #5 resolution: Do NOT succumb to food temptations! Ha ha! Happy New Year!


Introducing Little Miss Londyn!  Isn’t she fabulous!  This was taken at Splash not too long ago…


We attended Mya’s Kindergarten Open House tonight at her soon-to-be elementary school.  We left the school content knowing that our little girl will be in good hands.  There are so many things for Mya to look forward to and she too, walked away excited about what is in store for her.  Some of the things the last class did was hatch baby chicks, create an ecosystem in a sandwich bag along with other awesome things!  Mya was also smittened by the hermit crabs they had there and kept asking about it after we left.  We’re ready for kindergarten and most importantly….Mya is too!  Now, we just have to keep up with her asking everyday, “How many more days until kindergarten?”

*I can’t believe the battery in my point-n-shoot camera died as we got to the classroom…so in the spirit of Open House….here are a couple of my favorites from her back-to-school session last year!