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Yearly Archives: 2012


Merry Christmas!!!  I am so happy that this day is here.  I’ve never had a Christmas growing up, so to live vicariously through the eyes of my children excites me as much as it does them.  I remember the first year I spent Christmas with Al and his family and how my jaws dropped when I walked into their home on Christmas morning to see the presents stacked up so high around the Christmas tree.  It was crazy to me, but for them it was a Christmas just like any other Christmas.

Every year gets more exciting as we fulfill traditions and start new ones along the way.  Mya gets so giddy around this time counting down the days until Santa makes a visit.  Last night, Santa left at approximately 2:33am. 😉  He left Mya a Razor, a telescope and a Magic Show gift set.  He left Zoe a VTech Bounce & Spin Turtle, a Laugh & Learn Puppy, a Furreal Friends “Bouncy” Pup and two lumps of coal in her stocking.  Oh. Yes. He. Did.  Santa don’t play!  Oh…he also left a Furby for both Mya and Zoe.  Their elf, Jolly returned to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas morning but left them each plush elves to keep throughout the year.  Mya was sad about Jolly leaving, but she was happy that her plush elf, Joelle was here to stay.  So the girls definitely made out this year.  Mya was head over heels about her pogo stick, her Easy Bake Oven and her Heely’s.  Zoe loved her trampoline, her little desk with a stool where she can scribble until her heart’s content and her Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy that her grandparents got her.  It was so fun capturing their faces as they opened their gifts. All we heard were “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” from Mya followed by hugs, kisses and “thank you’s”.  Zoe quickly learned how to open her presents and wanted to play with every toy she opened and put on every piece of clothing and shoes she got.  It was really cute!






After we were all done at home, we headed over to their grandparent’s house to meet up with the rest of the family and relatives for more gifts.  It was fun seeing everyone together with all the happy faces that everyone had on.  We were pooped and didn’t make it home until after 3pm, I believe.  We spent the rest of the day together at home while we were waiting for dinner to come out of the crock pot.  Daddy decided to make his yummy short rib stew.  It was the perfect dinner after an overwhelming day.  Farewell, Christmas and until next year…

IMG_6100-Web IMG_6102-Web IMG_6090-Web   IMG_6091-Web


It’s Christmas Eve and just when I thought we weren’t going to make it through it all…here we are!  We survived, but all of the planning and preparing still fell short of what I wanted…again…and again we make a trip to see Santa on Christmas Eve.  It just doesn’t get any crazier than this.  This year, I am expecting a nice picture of Mya with Santa and one of Zoe screaming and crying because she thinks Santa will murder her.  It should be eventful.  Wish us luck!


We were able to get the pictures that I envisioned and here they are both naughty and nice…

Collage5-Web IMG_5874-Web

I let Mya decided whether we should bake cookies tonight or buy them  from the bakery and she opted to bake cookies for Santa…

‘Twas the night before Christmas…



Aubrey turns exactly ONE today and I was honored to plan her Winter ONEderland party.  Aubrey is actually my only niece…half niece since her mother is my half sister.  I guess that’s how it works.  Her party went off without a hitch as we were able to set up everything the day prior having it be at grandma’s house versus a venue.  Everything turned out great with Aubrey being able to enjoy her birthday and amusing us all with her cake smash.  This little girl was not afraid to dig in.  Happy 1st Birthday, Aubrey!  Now on to the next…the big TWO!


The girl’s yearly check up is way overdue.  It’s hard to get an appointment in with their primary care doctor, so here we are two months later.  Mya is 43 lbs and 46 in tall which means she’s in the 17th percentile for height and 11th percentile for weight compared to other 7 year olds.  I used to get worried about all the numbers, but I stop worrying as I realize she will be just fine.  Zoe is 21 lbs at what was supposed to be her 18 month check up but at 20 months old, she came in at 21 percentile with her weight.  She gained 4 pounds from her last visit at 12 months old so that is good!  Mya got the flu shot and surprised me when she didn’t cry.  This was the second time in a row she didn’t shed a tear.  We definitely have a big girl in our hands.  Zoe on the other hand, cried and cried and cried when she got her Hep A immunization and her flu shot.  One on each thigh and did I mention she cried?  At the end of our visit, they both got lollipops and stickers so it was all good!  Zoe smiled immediately when she saw that she got a Mickey Mouse sticker.  All better now!


What?  I’m getting how many shots?


This is what happens when I turn around for a second to grab my camera.  Craziness.





My car has been out of commission so this weekend was all about Christmas movies, peppermint hot chocolate, baking a cinnamon crumb cake and lots and lots of snuggles with Mya and this little booger…


January 4, 2013 - 12:06 pm Mary My - So cute!


Christmas shopping is in full affect and I believe we visited Target 1,123,982 times this week alone.  We have a love/hate relationship with that place.  So far, we have purchased most of our gifts there from clothes to toys and everything in between.  In between our visits to Target this past week, we managed to squeeze in a photo safari with all of the car trips we took.  Here is Little Miss Mya in all of her fabulousness…




Wow!  I did not realize how many birthdays we had in December!  To start off the December baby birthdays, we celebrated at Tebo Tebo with Jadalyn who turned 7 years old!  I can’t believe her mom and I go way back…all the way from high school and have reconnected again through mutual friends.  Jadalyn and Mya are in the same Girl Scouts troop so they love seeing each other every chance they get.  Happy Birthday, Jadalyn!  We hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you.  Hope you have a wonderful time at Build-a-Bear!

IMG_5406-Web   Collage4-Web Collage3-Web



Chores around here are neverending.  I don’t know how we can look into getting a bigger place and maintain it when we can’t even keep up with what we have.  The biggest challenge is putting everything away.  As soon as we do, it reappears within minutes.  We’re always on top of Mya with putting stuff away and now we have her sister to pick up after. All she knows how to do is take stuff out and throw it everywhere.  Tonight, she went into her room and pulled out all of the receiving blankets and blankets so she can lay on them and wrap them around her baby doll.  While she was doing that, Mya and I were folding a couple of loads of clothes.  One load was Zoe’s which I folded and the other load was Mya’s.  This was the second time Mya took it upon herself to fold her own clothes and guess what?  She folded the entire load!  Woo hoo!  Yay for Mya!  That’s one less chore for us…lol!  Anyway, I am so proud of her.  It’s not easy folding it and folding a whole load…neatly.  She even put them away herself.  Impressive!  Now if we can only get her to do the dishes.  Hmmm….


Thanksgiving was wonderful this year as we were in charge of the table settings and decorations.  The only thing I had to cook was the Pumpkin Crunch which I can do with my eyes closed.  So thankful for that!  I know how hard it is to slave away in the kitchen.  It’s not fun especially if you are having to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal, so we are thankful we were able to spend it at the Aska’s house potluck style.  All the menu items were delicious from the stuffing to the greens and the macaroni and cheese and the creamed corn and peach cobbler….and…I can go on!  The entire family was able to get together (with the exception of Austin and Justin since they are so far away) this year under one roof which was nice.  It’s really hard to get people together especially with so many people and everyone has different agendas.  I am so thankful for our little family that we made, our immediate and extended families and friends who are like family to share in and make memories with.  Let the feasting begin…


…gobble ’til you wobble!


Thanks to Jessica for helping with the centerpieces that brought everything together…


The kids even had their own little table settings with crayons and a place mat to color and do activities on…


Collage4-WebIMG_5144-Web   Collage2-Web



Jordyn was such a big girl and said grace before we ate.  It was beautiful!

IMG_5156-Web   IMG_5143-Web IMG_5141-Web IMG_5134-Web IMG_5128-Web  IMG_5151-Web IMG_5136-Web IMG_5148-Web


December 17, 2012 - 2:00 am Patty Aska aka “Yay-Yay” - Navy, Thanksgiving was great! The patio and decorations were all wonderful. Thanks! I was very happy that all of us were able to all be together, except 2 of the Ustin's. Oops...I mean 3! Almost forget Baby Austin. I love these pictures. Can you download a copy for me? There are several I want to get prints of. Thanks! Now lets hope we can get through Christmas and goes well!


Today, we have a Lalaloopsy party to attend for Little Miss Avery!  Hip hip hooray!  First birthdays are so special, so I made sure I captured every little detail.  Mary and Linda made an awesome backdrop that they attached to the garage door.  It looked like something from Lalaloopsy Land!  It was so cute and of course made for great photo ops!  We want to wish Avery a very Happy Birthday!  We had a great time!

Birthday girl made this face all day.  Isn’t she darling?

IMG_4405-Web Collage1-Web Collage3-Web Collage4-Web Collage5-Web Collage2-Web Collage6-Web