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Monthly Archives: March 2012


Mya: Is ham an animal?

Me: Yes.

Mya: Which animal?

Me: A pig.

Mya: [Long pause]  Are you talking about Toy Story???



A vetinarian.  A farmer.  A police woman.  An artist.  This is the order in which Mya’s career choices have evolved.  First, a vetinarian because she just looooves animals.  Every kid’s dream job, right?!  I then told her there are possiblities where vetinarians can work in different types of places other than the vet’s office like a zoo.  After months and much contemplation she changed her mind because there was no way she could deal with a lion or a tiger at the zoo.  So the next best thing was a farmer.  YES…a farmer!  Who would have thunk?  Well…a farmer because she could still work with animals without having to deal with lions or tigers.  Well…I guess that makes sense.  Then just a few weeks ago….she wanted to be a police woman instead.  “A police woman???”, I asked.  “Yeah…so I can arrest people”, said Mya.  It was the funniest thing.  Then…just a couple of days ago she wanted to be an artist because she wanted her paintings in museums everywhere.  Oh, the endless possibilities.  I love this kid’s imagination.  What I’d give to be a kid again…


First grade has been such a stepping stone for Mya.  We are really thrilled about her love for learning and her passion for reading.  Lately, she’s been reading Junie B. Jones books and is head over heals in love with it.  Every time I turn around, she is buried under the pages and lost in the stories.  It’s funny to hear her read because she reads out loud.  As soft spoken as she is at times, her voice is present even from rooms away.  It’s almost like she’s reading a script.   She pays attention to the all the punctuations and reads aloud with so much expression. We can’t keep up with her as it only takes her a day or so to finish a book and each book has at least a good 30 pages in it.  It’s crazy…but we are lovin’ it!

March 6, 2012 - 2:33 pm Tracy - That's wonderful that she loves to read!


Just a random picture, but I love this one of Derrick and Mya…