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Monthly Archives: August 2012


Oh gosh!  First day of school is finally here and we’re usually prepared but I’m sad to say that we weren’t. :(  I had Mya’s first day of school outfit ready minus the backpack that I ordered about a week ago online that has yet to arrive.  I can tell Mya was a little dissapointed.  It was after 10pm the night before the first day of school…Mya was sound asleep…when daddy comes to the rescue.  The only place that was open that late at night was our local 24 hour Wal-Mart, so off to Wal-Mart daddy goes to see if there were any backpacks left – if any to buy and use temporarily until the new one arrives.  There were a couple and they weren’t too shabby, so daddy picked one up.  We sat it out next to her outfit on the couch for the next morning.  Mya was elated.  It wasn’t the backpack that we ordered, but it was new and that’s all she cared about.  So, we had to do a switcheroo with her entire first day of school ensemble.  I told her we will save her outfit for when her backpack arrives in the mail and we’ll do a “do-over”…and she obliged.  LOL!

First day back went seamlessly.  Mya loves her new teacher, Mrs. Newman!  I asked her what she liked about her and she said that she was really funny!  Gotta love a teacher with a sense of humor.  All in all, she is pumped and ready for the 2012-2013 school year.  That makes us really happy and relieved that she enjoys school so much.  So, we will be meeting Mrs. Newman this Thursday at the Back to School event.  Can’t wait to get to know her and to also see what 2nd grade has in store for her.  I know it will be a fantastic school year! :)



So today, Zoë discovered that she can spin in circles over and over until she gets dizzy and falls.  It was a tough one for us, because we couldn’t stop laughing yet we didn’t want her to bump into anything that could hurt her.  Mya could not stop laughing at her sister to finish her dinner.  Silly girl!


Zoë is now 16 months old.  2 more months and she’ll be 1 1/2!  Wow!  This baby thing seems to be the fastest and most dramatic stage.  She’s almost a toddler now and we can see all the things that makes her a “baby” vanish before our eyes.  Her speech is developing and she’s probably got 10-15 words down now like “hi”, “wow”, “eew”, “baby”, “eat” and “egg”.  She is also trying to recite “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  So cute!  As of now, I regret to say she is still in bed with us.  Her crib has gotten no use after all the work we put into decorating her area of the room.  We’re not sure how well that will go over once we transition her into another room, but we will need to sooner than later.  On a cal king bed, this little girl takes up more space than the both of us put together as she likes to toss and turn a million different ways.  I am always literally on the edge of the bed.  You know it takes talent to sleep on the edge of the bed without falling off…lol!

Mya is enjoying summer a lot.  She looks forward to days with her grandma, playing outside with the neighborhood kids, and when the weekend comes around she knows something is in store for her because she knows mommy doesn’t like to stay home on her days off. :)