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Monthly Archives: September 2012


Fundraising for the 2012-2013 school year will be non-traditional.  No selling chocoloate, cookie dough, gift wrap or anything like that.  Instead, the school is hosting a Fit-a-Thon event where the students will take part in a run to raise money for the school.  Sorta like a walk or a run to raise money for different charities, but instead it will help the school out with things like field trips and funding for different events throughout the school year.  The students are to collect money from family and friends who would like to sponsor them.  Mya is really excited to take part in the Fit-a-Thon this year because she wasn’t able to last year since she got sick. :(  Daddy was there to support and watch her today and came back with a few pictures to share.  The students were given a time limit to run laps around the field and for every lap they complete, the parent volunteers are to put a check mark on a check off list attached to their shirts.  Daddy was able to help out while he was there.  What a trooper!  So Mya ended up being able to complete 10 whole laps!  We are so proud of her.  There was one boy who completed as many as 13 laps and one girl who completed 11 laps, so considering that…Mya finished strong!  Gooo Mya!

October 1, 2012 - 9:39 pm Titi Brandi - OMG, that's so awesome! Good job Mya!


It’s picture day today at Mya’s school and I wasn’t there to make sure everything was perfect, so I hope it all went well.  I did what I could before I left for work and crossed my fingers that everything is still intact (especially the hair) by the time her pictures are taken.  Good thing they will be taking the pictures before recess…lol!

October 1, 2012 - 9:42 pm Titi Brandi - Lol! Avery's picture day was last Tuesday. My figures were crossed until 10am. I hope I get a picture so I can add it to her last one. She's always taken great pictures, even after playing. Can't wait to see them!


Happy Birthday to the only man in my life!  Today, we have an outing in store for him.  Since Mya took him parasailing yesterday, today is Zoë’s turn to take daddy out.  We planned a day out at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.  It was our first time there.  If anyone didn’t know, Al is hardcore into science and especially Egyptian history.  The California Science Center just so happens to have a Cleopatra exhibit at the time, so it was perfect.  The exhibit was produced by the same people who did the King Tut exhibit that we attended years ago, so we knew it would be just as good if not better.  The artifacts in the exhibit were amazing and I can see why he is so intrigued by the history of Egypt.  The stories of Cleopatra were astounding and the mysteries of Egypt are mind-boggling.  It leaves you wondering about all the things that seemed impossible like the pyramids and how tall they stood…and to wrap your head around the thousands of people who built it and created something so grand with just the man power that they had is difficult to grasp.  We also purchased tickets to an IMAX showing of “Mysteries of Eygpt” which was shown on a screen seven stories high!  It was awesome and Zoë was quiet the entire 45 minutes.  Although she wanted to switch seats every 2 minutes, she didn’t make any noise…lol!  We’ll take that!  The California Science Center also had a huge rose garden next door, so we took a stroll down there before we left.  We planned the day to end early since Al mentioned he wanted to get back in time for his basketball game at 6pm, so we did just that.  Today was a beautiful day in celebration of the main man in our lives.  I hope he had a wonderful weekend.  To many, many, many more years….

…we love you!


Tomorrow is Al’s birthday, but we celebrated the entire weekend.  He deserves it all!  Birthdays are a big deal around here.  It gives us a chance to spoil and do things for each other that we don’t normally do like parasailing!!!  Yes!!!  Mya thought that was a fabulous idea, so that was her gift to her daddy.  We were all excited about the adventure and actually went the day before his birthday because we had other things planned for his actual birthday the next day.  Off we went to Marina Del Rey where we stopped to get something small to eat to hold us over.  We had a nice lunch at Mendocino Farms while Mya had pizza from the dig next door, then off we went to get checked in!  We arrived early to sign some waivers and wait for others to do the same and join us on the boat.  I’m really afraid of heights, but for some reason I didn’t think this was going to bother me and it didn’t.  We ended up sharing our experience with 10 other people in groups of 2-3 and all took turns going 500-800 feet in the air.  All three of us were attached to a harness and then the parachute…and Mya in the middle.  It was really thrilling and it was actually more serene and peaceful up there.  Picturesque indeed.  Our little dare devil, Mya was in awe.  I think it was the most fun she’s had like…ever!  She couldn’t believe she did that.  On our way back home, we asked her how many 6-year olds she knows that have gone parasailing?  None!  She is one lucky girl and I love that she is so brave about it.  It was definitely something that I will never forget including my nausea that came over me the last half of the boat ride.  I had to ask for a barf bag.  Did I mention that I get motion sickness too?  Why didn’t I remember that?  I don’t know…lol!  I was fine the first half of the boat ride and even when we went up in the air, but I didn’t make it on our way back and had to use the barf bag.  I was discreet about it, but it was still embarrassing.  Only me!  I’m even getting nauseous now just thinking about it…lol!  Good thing I only had a half of a sandwich before we boarded.  We had dinner plans afterwards and I thought we weren’t going to make it, but I felt better by the time we got home so we decided to drop the kids off at their grandparent’s and go.  I took Al to Houston’s in Irvine because a friend recommended the Hawaiian Terriyaki Steak and garlic fries and I can attest…it was delicious.  It was a wonderful day.  Can’t wait to surprise him tomorrow with more birthday love!






I know we have bombarded Mya’s blog with Zoë’s updates, but we will be creating a blog just for Zoë soon.  Sorry, Mya!  I told you you’ll have to learn how to share if you want to be a big sister!  Ha!

Anyway, we are currently preparing for Mya’s birthday party coming up and we’re trying to keep it simple this time but even scaling it down and simplifying  is tough.  We’ve decided to keep it small by throwing an all girls party for her girl friends ages 4-7 and having it at a venue where we don’t have to worry about food and having to clean up!  I really hope we can pull this off within a months time with everything else in between like Al’s birthday…our new nephew’s arrival…Halloween…amongst other events.  Wish us luck!!!!


Happy 17th months, Zoë!!!  Mommy and daddy are so in love with you more and more everyday!  You’re affectionate, you’re bubbly, you’re always on the go, you always know what you want, you’re a ball of sunshine and you definitely know how to keep us on our toes!  She’ll officially be 1 1/2 next month on October 11th, so we need to think about preschool/daycare options.  At 18 months, we will have more options for preschool/daycare and we’ve been thinking about enrolling her into a Montessori program that Mya was in but we shall see.  It really gave Mya an advantage once she started kindergarten, that I think it would be wise for us to start Zoë as early as we can.  We love her current daycare provider as they are sooo good with her, so we will be torn if we do decide to pull her out.  *sighs*


So today marks the anniversary of 9/11.  I remember we were in our one-bedroom apartment in 2011.  I woke up earlier than usual to try and go buy tickets to a Chiefs vs Chargers football game for Al’s birthday that was coming up.  When I got to the mall, it was closed.  It was too early and they weren’t open yet.  So I headed back home.  Al was ironing his clothes for work in the bedroom and as I walked in, he pointed to the tv and I remember my jaws dropping.  Everytime I think about 9/11, I get goosebumps all up and down my arms.  It’s such an eerie feeling.  I will always remember that event and all of the lives that were lost.


Phoenix had an extra-spectacular 2nd birthday party complete with box cars, traffic cones, parking signs and more!  It all started with an extraordinary invitation that came in a box with a Hot Wheel in it.  The party called for box car racers who would like to enter into a box car race with their designer box cars.  The turn out was overwhelming as almost everyone participated and all of the cars were awesome.  You could tell there were lots of hours put into the designs.  Even Mya and Zoe had matching box cars that they adored.  The winning design was a pink, sparkly BMW.  It was unbelievable!  Mommy and daddy did a wonderful job with the party.  Phoenix will definitely have something to look back at when he’s 20!  Happy 2nd Birthday, Phoenix!

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