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Monthly Archives: March 2013


Easter is now history! We had a pretty festive Easter at Jessica and Clif’s house.  We had a potluck brunch with all the fixings.  A BLT station with 3 different types of quiche, deviled eggs, pesto pasta salad, potato salad, pumpkin crunch for dessert and even had specialty drinks to wash it all down.  Thanks to Jessica and Clif for hosting such a wonderful brunch!  Our plan was to then drive around the corner to a local park which is a park that no one ever uses to have our Easter hunt there.  When the daddies went over there to try and hide the eggs, there were a few families already there.  Bummer!  So, we ended up having a hunt in the front yard which wasn’t too bad.  The kiddos loved it and again, Mya thought it was the best Easter ever as she does every year…lol!  Zoe loved the egg hunt.  She couldn’t keep the smiles off of her face and you know I was chasing her around like a mad woman trying to get a good shot of her.  She is definitely a photographer’s child.  She never looks into the camera, does the opposite of what she is supposed to be doing and today actually she was actually an extra handful all day.  Touching things non-stop, being anti-social, not wanting to pose for pictures, dropped my camera, spilled drinks….you name it!  It was very frustrating for me to say the least.  Needless to say, we were beat when we got home.  An eventful day it was…and now all I can think about is what is next.  Jeez!  Oh!  Zoe’s 2nd birthday!  Shoot.  Me.  Now.