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Monthly Archives: March 2014


So we realized Zoë is long overdue for her 2 year well check. Her last well check was at 18 months and she is only now a couple of weeks shy of 3. Fail. Luckily, her immunizations were up to date and she didn’t need any. Her next vaccination will be at 4 years old. We are happy to say that she is in the 50th percentile in height, but is struggling in the weight department. It’s not a surprise as Mya was always the same way. Since there is no such thing as 0 percentile, she’s on the charts in the 1st percentile. :) We make petite kids. What can we say? The visit was completely dramatic as expected. Zoë is scared of every little thing and any little thing, so she cried the entire time without even getting any shots. The little booger even got a lollipop from the nurse. After the whole ordeal, we asked her why she cried and she shrugged her shoulders and said “I dunno why Zoë cry.” Story of our lives.


Mya received a Student of the Month award today at school, so we are in good spirits over here. We’re so proud of her! She just received a science award not too long ago, so she’s doing great this year in 3rd grade. As you could imagine, it’s hard for us to keep up with the rewards around here but daddy does a pretty good job of acknowledging her hard work. He took her to go see Frozen at the movie theater when she got her science award and for Student of the Month, he gave her a few options to choose from. She picked the trampoline park, so we will be going there sometime next week when she is on spring break. Since she loved the movie Frozen so much and it is now out on DVD, he surprised her with that as well. We are lucky to have such a good kid in our hands. We are hoping that she continues to do good in school. Only a few more months left before summer comes around, so getting by the rest of the school year should be a breeze!


Wow…here we are a year later to revisit our family blog and I’m actually sitting here in awe.  How did time fly by so fast?  So much have transpired in this past year.  I can say that we are all truly in a happy place, living in a happy space with each of us a happy face. :) Just this past year we’ve gotten married, moved into a new place, I’m currently living and pursuing my dream job and Al has bachelor’s degree to call  his own.  The kids are doing great with Mya in 3rd grade and Zoë turning 3 in exactly one month.  I’m hoping to catch up on blog entries and plan on staying on top just because I know one day when I’m long gone, this will be a treasure for my children to have to look back on…to see memories being made captured through my eyes and narrated in my own words…   IMG_8101-Web IMG_8104-Web IMG_8123-Web IMG_8153-Web IMG_8083-Web IMG_8090-Web