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Well, today was a whirlwind of a day starting off with Mya’s last day of 3rd grade. Really bittersweet. I just cannot believe she’ll be in 4th grade in a few short months. 4th grade means she’s closer to 5th grade and 5th grade…well…it just means that she’s closer to 6th grade and after 6th grade comes junior high. A little dramatic…I know, but it will come sooner than later. There’s not enough time in the day to savor it all. Last day of school for 3rd graders means that there is Skills Day where there are stations set up with different activities like a hula hoop station, a bean bag toss, musical chairs, etc. where they can all compete in. Mya of course, was the only girl in her class to win the hula hoop competition lasting longer than the rest of her classmates. She’s been hoola hooping since kindergarten and is a pro at it. Mommy was there to help out during this event. Props to all of the parents who volunteered! We stood there in the sweltering heat for two and a half hours to help all the kids through these stations. Sweat was evident as these kids ran around with it dripping down their foreheads and chins. Yuck! Now I know why they smell so bad after coming home from school everyday. Lol! We had a little break after that until we had to come back to class with a “End of the Year Celebration” party in class. They had ice cream sandwiches and a treat bag filled with goodies. Daddy and Zoe was able to join Mya for this one. School was out at 12:30pm and summer officially started! A sigh of relief is what I had, but I am so sure that I will not be looking forward to the kids being in my hair all day especially when they will be fighting. Kinda glad that we’ve signed Mya up for some camps this summer to break up some of her time. Zoe will also have some classes to attend this summer. Aside from that, I think summer will be a blast! There are so many things that we have planned that we are excited about. We’ll have to write about it later. :) After our morning, we had some time in the afternoon to take Zoe to her first class of the summer. She had an open art class down in Belmont Shore. I was afraid she wouldn’t take to it, but she surprised me as soon as we walked in the door. She hopped off of my hip and walked right on over to the instructor, put her smock on as directed and picked up the paint brush to paint away. Wow! Is this the same little girl that will not get off of my hip ever? She had so much fun crafting her own little crafts and painting her own art piece. I loved it as much as she did! The girl did not want to leave. She almost cried when we left, but I assured her that we would be back really soon. Zoe came home with her very own crafts that she made with her own hands with a little bit of help from mommy. Today was pirate themed, so she crafted up a parrot out of a paper plate, a skull & bones flag and a free paint. After that, she had a few minutes to free play and discover the place. We can’t wait to come back! After we were finished with Zoe’s art class, we headed off to the movies to reward the hardworking 3rd grader soon to be 4th grader with the movie, Maleficent. Angelina Jolie never disappoints. The movie was great and it was the perfect reward for our awesome 3rd grader who ended her year with a bang! 3rd grade was amazing as she had so many milestones and awards. She really surprised us by exceeding our expectations. Even her end of the year report card was awesome! We hope 4th grade will be just as great as 3rd grade was. :) Bring on the sun and fun! Welcome SUMMER!!!
















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