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Halloween was a blast!  We always get into Halloween and make sure that at least the kids play their part in having great costumes.  This year, Mya was Maleficent.  We loved that movie so much and Angelina Jolie was such a great villan with an amazing costume that it was hard to pass up for a costume choice.  It came down to the wire with last minute prepping the night before Mya’s Halloween parade at school and even early in the morning before we rushed out the door with pins, needles, hot glue and more.  I even got a major burn from the high temp glue gun on my finger.  Not cool.  The sacrifices we make for our children. *sigh*  We even found some branches from the trees in our backyard to paint and make a staff from complete with a crow on top.  It all came together and once I was done with Mya’s costume, I had an entire day left to make Zoë’s cherry pie costume.  The part that was time consuming was the crust, so that took up a good chunk of the day.  Too bad she wasn’t able to wear it trick-or-treating as the front was top heavy.  She would’ve had to hold it up the entire time.  The ribbons that tie onto her shoulders were also digging into her skin, so it was only good for pictures. :)  I overstuffed it and didn’t realize how heavy it was.  Oh well.  Not to worry though…because there’s a back up costume in line that worked out perfectly.  She made the cutest Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba.  A $5 purchase I made scouring Craigslist.  Score!  There was also a bat costume I couldn’t pass up for $10, so she had that too but we weren’t able to use it that day.  Halloween was well spent as we met up with Jessica, Clif, Roxanne, Olivia and Oliver.  It’s tradition that they go trick-or-treating together especially after doing it for so many years.  Then after, we always stop at Yay-Yay and Papa’s house to show off our costumes.  Papa loves to get out his camera and take pictures of them and Yay-Yay always has special treats for each of the grandkids. We are looking forward to another Halloween as the kids are thinking up costume ideas for next year already, but first let’s anticipate Thanksgiving and Christmas!  We are ready for the holidays!










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