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Wow…here we are a year later to revisit our family blog and I’m actually sitting here in awe.  How did time fly by so fast?  So much have transpired in this past year.  I can say that we are all truly in a happy place, living in a happy space with each of us a happy face. :) Just this past year we’ve gotten married, moved into a new place, I’m currently living and pursuing my dream job and Al has bachelor’s degree to call  his own.  The kids are doing great with Mya in 3rd grade and Zoë turning 3 in exactly one month.  I’m hoping to catch up on blog entries and plan on staying on top just because I know one day when I’m long gone, this will be a treasure for my children to have to look back on…to see memories being made captured through my eyes and narrated in my own words…   IMG_8101-Web IMG_8104-Web IMG_8123-Web IMG_8153-Web IMG_8083-Web IMG_8090-Web


Easter is now history! We had a pretty festive Easter at Jessica and Clif’s house.  We had a potluck brunch with all the fixings.  A BLT station with 3 different types of quiche, deviled eggs, pesto pasta salad, potato salad, pumpkin crunch for dessert and even had specialty drinks to wash it all down.  Thanks to Jessica and Clif for hosting such a wonderful brunch!  Our plan was to then drive around the corner to a local park which is a park that no one ever uses to have our Easter hunt there.  When the daddies went over there to try and hide the eggs, there were a few families already there.  Bummer!  So, we ended up having a hunt in the front yard which wasn’t too bad.  The kiddos loved it and again, Mya thought it was the best Easter ever as she does every year…lol!  Zoe loved the egg hunt.  She couldn’t keep the smiles off of her face and you know I was chasing her around like a mad woman trying to get a good shot of her.  She is definitely a photographer’s child.  She never looks into the camera, does the opposite of what she is supposed to be doing and today actually she was actually an extra handful all day.  Touching things non-stop, being anti-social, not wanting to pose for pictures, dropped my camera, spilled drinks….you name it!  It was very frustrating for me to say the least.  Needless to say, we were beat when we got home.  An eventful day it was…and now all I can think about is what is next.  Jeez!  Oh!  Zoe’s 2nd birthday!  Shoot.  Me.  Now.


So we are all moved in!  I can’t believe how long it took us to move everything out of the old place and into the new.  Didn’t know we had so much junk until we moved.  We literally filled a couple of dumpsters up, donated boxes and boxes of clothing, toys and even items like a television, 2 infant car seats, a convertible car seat, a 3-in-1 crib, 2 pack ‘n’ plays, a cradle, photography props and backdrops.  Even after all of that is gone, we still have so much to bring to our new home.  It just puts into perspective how much we’ve held on to over the years.  So now, the new rule is if we haven’t used it in a year…throw it out!  If we have to look at it twice…throw it out!  Needless to say, we are still living out of boxes and the new place is currently still in shambles.  We just finished putting the stuff away in the kitchen last night and each day, room by room we have been trying to organize everything.  It’s tough when we didn’t take anymore time off from work to do so.  I hate moving, but at the end of the day I am happy we did.  We have more space for the kids and we are right next to Mya’s school which is why we moved in the first place.  I am so glad that this is over with!  No more moving for at least another 5 years!


So this was a first…Al and Mya had an audition today for a men’s skincare line.  We were the first ones there for the 10am casting.  Luckily, Al was off of work to be able to make the audition.  I had a complete mommy moment there and died a little bit inside.  Make it or not, I think it was such an awesome experience for them both to be able to audition together.  Just a few days ago, I was joking about how he should get an agent.  I guess Hollywood heard us and decided to call. :)


So a couple of the main tasks for January have been to send out our save the dates and start looking into invitations to follow the save the dates.  Daunting indeed, especially when you have yet to figure out a color scheme.  What colors?  What theme?  To match or to not match the invites?  Kraft paper or no kraft paper?  Letterpress or no letterpress?  Decisions…decisions and I am no good with making decisions, but I finally gave up and settled on what I was caught up in in the moment.  Could there be something better out there that I could possibly want more?  Yes, but I’m tired, exhausted and mentally drained with all of these options and choices.  I am done.  So I surrendered and finally put my order in.  One wedding task down and a million more to go, but in the midst of it all we find out that we will be moving in to a new place soon.  Soon as in less than 18 days.  Help.  Me.  Now.


I remember Mya asking me who my best friend is.  “I have many best friends!”, I said.  I didn’t want her to think she had to choose just one best friend as I knew she had that dilemna in kindergarten.  I remember she came home from school one day sobbing in tears.  Lots of tears.  One of her friends had pressured her into choosing just one best friend and she couldn’t bring herself to do it.  So the pressure broke her and in tears she was.  I knew she was really hurt by it because she couldn’t stop talking about it without getting all choked up.  I died a little bit inside.  We had to have the talk and let her know that it is possible to have many best friends and not just one! :) 

So today, one of her best friends, Erica invited Mya to join her at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego.  We kept it a secret from her until the morning of the trip.  I had decided to give her hints every morning that week about the surprise that will take place on Saturday.  It was the only thing that enticed her to get up so early since I have to get her up at 6am now instead of 7am.  I know, I know…sneaky mommy! :)  I was nervous about letting her travel so far without us there, but I knew she was in good hands.  She had a wonderful time with the clan and couldn’t stop talking about it.  Thank you, Terra, Mary, Tana, Erica, Ryder, Nia, Yakara and anyone that I have missed for having Mya spend the day with you all.  Best friends rock!









Guess who’s 21 months old today?  Little Miss Zoe!   This only means she will be TWO in exactly 3 months…which means…it’s time to plan a birthday party!  Jeez…my mind is not even there.  Luckily, I have experience with working miracles last minute so we shall see how it unfolds.  Here are some interesting little facts about our 21 month old :)

-She loves to sit up on my lap, with a hand on each cheek, her nose touching my nose, looking at me straight dead in my eyes and starts talking away.  It’s the been the one thing that tickles me each and everytime.  How can this little person have such a big personality? 

-She loves my iPhone and my iPad.  I can’t seem to get on it without her demanding it for herself.  She has gotten so savvy with it that she knows how to easily navigate through her all of her apps.

-She has been mean to her sister lately which is not good.  We’re working on it, but it’s hard for us to be calm about it when we discipline her which is part of the problem.  Lead by example, right?

-She loves animals, especially dogs and cats.  Her eyes light up and she adorns the biggest smile when she sees them around.

-She is our dancing machine.  Always bobbing her head and sometimes with her hands in the air whenever there is music on.  She cracks us up with that, but the amazing part is that she is actually on beat. We may have a dancer in our hands!

-She is talking more now and her vocabulary has grown so much.  Our favorite is “I wuv you!”.

-She is still so affectionate.  She loves to lounge around with us and lay on us or snuggle up under the covers.  When we are in bed, she always makes her way to my side of the bed and make sure she is as close to me as possible.  Can I say that I love it and secretly want her to co-sleep with us until she goes to kindergarten? 😉 

-She is definitely a mama’s girl and I absolutely love it!



I think Santa likes to bring his germs with him when he visits on Christmas, because every year over winter break someone comes down with something.  Mya had strep throat two years in a row a couple of  years ago and both times, she spent Christmas day at her worst.  Good thing she dodged that this past year.  Instead, it was Zoe who got hit hard with the flu.  She has a pretty good immunity and a really strong stomach, but this virus really got her down.  She had a fever that we can seem to break since Friday and it is now Monday.  It seems to be under control as long as she is on Ibuprofen, but as soon as the 4 hours is up…it comes back.  For two days, she just layed around…wanted to be on my hip the entire time…lethargic….snotty nose…coughs. I feel so bad for her.  I wish she would get back to her normal self.  Toddlers are always busy bodies from the moment they crack their eyes open to they hit the sack, so you know something is wrong when a they aren’t  interested in playing and running around.  I hate feeling helpless. :(



Merry Christmas!!!  I am so happy that this day is here.  I’ve never had a Christmas growing up, so to live vicariously through the eyes of my children excites me as much as it does them.  I remember the first year I spent Christmas with Al and his family and how my jaws dropped when I walked into their home on Christmas morning to see the presents stacked up so high around the Christmas tree.  It was crazy to me, but for them it was a Christmas just like any other Christmas.

Every year gets more exciting as we fulfill traditions and start new ones along the way.  Mya gets so giddy around this time counting down the days until Santa makes a visit.  Last night, Santa left at approximately 2:33am. 😉  He left Mya a Razor, a telescope and a Magic Show gift set.  He left Zoe a VTech Bounce & Spin Turtle, a Laugh & Learn Puppy, a Furreal Friends “Bouncy” Pup and two lumps of coal in her stocking.  Oh. Yes. He. Did.  Santa don’t play!  Oh…he also left a Furby for both Mya and Zoe.  Their elf, Jolly returned to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas morning but left them each plush elves to keep throughout the year.  Mya was sad about Jolly leaving, but she was happy that her plush elf, Joelle was here to stay.  So the girls definitely made out this year.  Mya was head over heels about her pogo stick, her Easy Bake Oven and her Heely’s.  Zoe loved her trampoline, her little desk with a stool where she can scribble until her heart’s content and her Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy that her grandparents got her.  It was so fun capturing their faces as they opened their gifts. All we heard were “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” from Mya followed by hugs, kisses and “thank you’s”.  Zoe quickly learned how to open her presents and wanted to play with every toy she opened and put on every piece of clothing and shoes she got.  It was really cute!






After we were all done at home, we headed over to their grandparent’s house to meet up with the rest of the family and relatives for more gifts.  It was fun seeing everyone together with all the happy faces that everyone had on.  We were pooped and didn’t make it home until after 3pm, I believe.  We spent the rest of the day together at home while we were waiting for dinner to come out of the crock pot.  Daddy decided to make his yummy short rib stew.  It was the perfect dinner after an overwhelming day.  Farewell, Christmas and until next year…

IMG_6100-Web IMG_6102-Web IMG_6090-Web   IMG_6091-Web


It’s Christmas Eve and just when I thought we weren’t going to make it through it all…here we are!  We survived, but all of the planning and preparing still fell short of what I wanted…again…and again we make a trip to see Santa on Christmas Eve.  It just doesn’t get any crazier than this.  This year, I am expecting a nice picture of Mya with Santa and one of Zoe screaming and crying because she thinks Santa will murder her.  It should be eventful.  Wish us luck!


We were able to get the pictures that I envisioned and here they are both naughty and nice…

Collage5-Web IMG_5874-Web

I let Mya decided whether we should bake cookies tonight or buy them  from the bakery and she opted to bake cookies for Santa…

‘Twas the night before Christmas…